Sunday, May 19, 2013

Tasting Spring

I am so pleased to announce that it is officially farmer's market season! My Saturday mornings definitely just got a whole lot better (and earlier).

Right now the vendors are pumping out the garden starters -- herbs, lettuce, flowers, etc. -- to plant at home, but the seasonal produce has started to make an appearance. This week I loaded up on fresh new gold potatoes to accompany our dinners, and some beautiful rhubarb to fashion into a dessert treat.

Speaking of which, I have just now finished taste-testing my strawberry-rhubarb crisp! I admit to being a little nervous about this one, especially since rhubarb is an entirely new ingredient to me, but with some helpful hints gleaned from no less than four (only four) different cookbooks, I gave it a go.

And boy does this crisp go! As quick to make as any other fruit type, the filling and topping were ready to meet the heat in a flash. I could smell this crisp baking for the entire 35 minutes, and it took a whole lot of self-restraint to wait out the cooldown time.

Tangy and sweet, crunchy and gooey, this one will absolutely make multiple appearances on my table.

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