Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Back Again

I suppose it happens to everyone, now and again: life. Following our lovely trip to the west coast, I dove into the holidays, work, and a new personal fitness routine that has left little extra time for fun in the kitchen.

But, with the start of the farmer's market season, I decided to ease myself back in the baking groove with a version of one of my favorite casual desserts.

 Crumbly goodness

Meet the strawberry-rhubarb crumble bar! Made with mostly rolled oats, your diet could do a whole lot worse than indulging in a warm square covered in vanilla ice cream.

The strawberries are from The Store, but the rhubarb is fresh and local. This particular recipe only uses half a cup of brown sugar, so the sweet-tart balance is maintained nicely by the fruit. 

I'm happy to get my hands back in the dough, so to speak, and anticipate some more treats in the very near future.

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