Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday is Baking Day

In between cleaning the bedroom and working on a curriculum proposal, I managed to squeeze in a little bit of baking. I chose something easy and fast: spritz cookies. Actually, I'd only heard they were easy and fast, since I've never made them before. Happily, these little cookies lived up to their reputation.

The main reason I had yet to attempt this recipe was a lack of tools. One must use a cookie press to spritz the dough through a disc, thereby making a pretty and consistent shape... and I didn't have one. But through the wonders of wedding gifts and pair of psychic **friends , I received this. I've been meaning to put it to good use, and finally seized the opportunity.

A match made in kitchen heaven

As it turns out, I really should've done this sooner. It didn't take long to get the hang of the press, and the discs made very neat, precise little cookies. With some trepidation I followed directions and used ungreased, shiny pans, but it turns out I never had to worry. The bottoms browned beautifully, and I didn't break a single cookie!

I ran out of room on my rack. Note to self: invest in new rack.

I got the timing a little better after a few batches, and overall I'm very satisfied. I did of course do a taste test (I'm thoughtful like that) and I think the recipe's a keeper. The center of the daisies above is a little dab of seedless black raspberry jam, sprinkled with sanding sugar. To keep it mess-free I just spooned a little of the jam into an accordion-bottle decorator with a writing tip, drew a tiny circle, and filled it in. Ta-da!

I did have one small issue that I hadn't anticipated, and that is the difficulty of baking in a small kitchen with a small (but feisty) kitten underfoot. Poor Perkins was convinced that my constant back-and-forth walking from counter to oven and back again was an elaborate game designed just for him called Trip the Chef. I eventually shooed him away, but he remained watchful from afar.

Gratuitous kitten shot.

So, there you have it. Delightful, buttery spritz cookies, plus or minus some kitten interference. My father has been rather upset at my lack of baking these days (sorry, Dad) so he and my mother will be the first to taste the latest when they visit. I'll try to save a few for J to have when he gets home, but I make no promises!

**A shoutout is due to M & B, two of the coolest folks and finest the USAF has to offer. I'll have a cookie (and a crepe, soon) for both of you!


  1. Great blog. Cannot wait to try the cookies

  2. Cookies look delicious!

  3. Your cookie press must be better than ours. Mom and I spent this Christmas season swearing over spritz cookies. They tasted great, but God the press was temperamental. Love the kitty!

    1. I can see where using the thing could get frustrating very quickly if it's not working quite right (I may have a little carpal tunnel from squeezing the trigger...). If I ever have to make more than a few dozen, I think I'll get J to help!

  4. I am seriously jealous of your stand mixer! If they only weren't so expensive!! These cookies look awesome :)